October 25, 2017 2 min read

Enjoying your favourite coffee in the morning is one of life's beatiful gifts, but spending a little extra time on a few steps can enhance your morning brew. 

Grinding your coffee beans is one of the most crucial steps as grind size alone can change the flavour and taste of your coffee. A coffee grinder's job is to granulize coffee beans into exact same-sized particles. Each brewing method has its own perfect particle size based on how long the particles will touch the grounds. Smaller particles add bitterness due to over extraction, and larger particles under extract, resulting in weak flavour and taste.  The first thing to do is invest in a good grinder to enjoy the best coffee possible. We recommend using a burr grinder, the burr grinder will allow you to adjust your grind size. 

So which grind size should you use?

That all depends on your brewing method!!!

  • Turkish Coffee - Extra fine grind size similar to powered sugar 
  • Expresso - Extra Fine
  • Aeropess - Medium to  Fine grind 
  • Siphon Brewers - Medium to Fine grind
  • Pour Over - Medium to Medium fine ground size
  • Single Cup Coffee - Medium to Medium fine ground size
  • Drip Coffee Medium course to Medium ground size
  • French Press - Coarse grind 
  • Cold Brew - Course to extra course grind size. 

Any change in grind particle size will affect the coffee's strength and taste. There is too much character lost in pre-grounded coffee therefore to experience the best coffee aroma and flavour try investing in a burr grinder and purchasing whole bean coffee will allow you to enjoy one of life's beautiful gifts to the fullest. 




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