November 02, 2017 1 min read


For many of us our idea of fresh coffee is the black sludge that is peddled to us by national brands that is supposed to be the public standard for good coffee. Quite simply, most Canadians have no concept of what fresh coffee is or should taste like. 

Experience the difference:

With roast to order, your coffee order is freshly roasted, packaged and delivered to you within a couple of days. Unlike most supermarkets and most retail outlets that have their coffee lying around in a warehouse before being shipped though a lengthly supply process, roast to order allows you to have the freshest cup of coffee, because once coffee is roasted its begins to lose its taste within a couple of weeks, it is after all a perisable item you may be buying coffee at the store that is already well past its prime. 

Roast to order is a new innovative way of ensuring that every morning you are drinking the cleanest and freshest cup of coffee possible, because it is your first meal of the day.

To test for freshness, grind some roasted coffee beans, place them in a open-drip filter, and put freshly boiled filtered hot water over the grounds. The fresh-roasted coffee will swell up from the release of carbon dioxide gas. Stale coffee will remain flat throughout the brew cycle. Beans are at their fresh flavor peak one to fourteen days following roasting. The first twenty-hours after roasting is called resting. During this period coffees typically are too fresh to be at their best. 



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