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Let Nature Power You

The Alpha Wolf, the natural leader in nature, let nature power you through your day. Alpha Wolf Coffee is Fairtrade certified organic coffee that lets everyone be powered by nature's finest fruit: coffee.

It has been said that to be an Alpha Wolf is to lead, like we do with our commitment to providing the finest selection of roasted coffee to custom specifications. 


Our Mission is to bring out you inner Alpha, by bringing the finest roasted coffee beans to your mug everyday. 

Our Fairtrade certified organic grown coffee is Ontario Roasted to our custom hand-crafted roast profiles. Our Standards and Process are defined by our commitment to bring you high-quality coffee, grown naturally, wet-processed, pure, chemical and solvent free. 

Our Core Values

Our core values govern our everyday actions of the Pack






Fairtrade Certified

Coffee is grown by small farms in less developed countries, most farmers are usually paid less for the coffee beans that they harvest and grow BUT NOT OURS, because we are Fairtrade Certified (FLO Id 35414)

Our Coffee helps farmers to invest in their local communities future, allowing them to be paid a fair price, live a higher standard of life, have safer working conditions and most importantly prohibition of child labour. 

We are proudly dedicated to this movement.      

Together We Can End MS

Alpha Wolf Coffee is proud supporter of the MS Society of Canada. With a cause near and dear to us, supporting the MS Society of Canada means donating a percentage of our sales to improve the lives of Canadians affected by MS. With the determination of a wolf, we will pursue the goal of accelerating life-changing research that can bring us closer to a world free from MS. 




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