Coffee is probably the world’s most valuable commodity after petroleum. It is the most used beverage and it is one of the most widely available in the world. Coffee is a way of life for most people in the western world. People tend to start their day with a nice cup of coffee. It gets them through the whole day and makes them more productive.

When you enter a grocery shop, you may notice the black and white fair trade symbol  on some coffees, however, fairtrade goes way beyond the label on the bag of coffee, it is a movement.

A movement, which we are proud to be a part of and that is why we only use Fairtrade Coffee & 100 % Arabica Beans.



Coffee is grown by small farmers in less developed countries. The farmers are usually paid less for the coffee beans they grow than it costs for them to produce and pick. It was because of this problem the Fairtrade was established.

It is very important to know where and how coffee is grown.

Fairtrade can be said to be a two-part movement which is a social and an economic movement. The economic part is focused on assisting coffee producers from developing countries sell their products to developed countries. It is a market-based system that ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for the harvest of their coffee. The sole purpose of Fairtrade is to provide better financial incentives and encourage healthy working conditions for producers.





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