Our Story


Years ago I had a question: Why is it hard to find fresh Fairtrade certified organic coffee that is small batch roasted and roasted to order. 

What started out as a hobby by an avid coffee enthusiast, who enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee that was organically grown. The love quickly grew into a passion and became bigger than ever imagined. From there Alpha Wolf Coffee was conceived. 

It became more than just a fresh cup of coffee, it became a calling

From there we set out to create the freshest, cleanest and unique cup of organically grown coffee from nature's finest coffee trees. By using a process we like to call "pack-roasting" which is roasting small batches of coffee from roast to order. With "pack-roasting" we have the ability to deliver fresh coffee to our customers immediately.  The order comes in, it is roasted within 8 hours and shipped out the next day, it is the same as the difference between fresh baked bread out of your oven compared to the bread you buy at the supermarket shelf. 

Alpha Wolf Coffee has been a project that stems from our desire to create coffee that is fresh and  powered by nature without chemicals and solvents hence our calling

Let Nature Power You!!

We decided to form and lead the Pack

After hundreds of experiments with different types of coffee beans, we created two signature blends that would be the first members of the pack, Alpha blend & Tyro blend. These two blends were met with mixed reviews. Which sent us back to the den, to re-create two blends  that were formulated with only fairtrade & organic coffee beans. Two blends that started it all and two blends that we are proud of.

Enter Fairtrade 

In part of creating a great cup of coffee we asked ourselves how could we improve the lives of our coffee farmers?. Enter Fairtrade by joining fairtrade it allowed us to help our farmers invest in their communities future ensuring that resources go back to the farms our coffees originated from.

Together We Can End MS

Alpha Wolf Coffee is proud supporter of the MS Society of Canada. With a cause near and dear to us, supporting the MS Society of Canada means donating a percentage of our sales to improve the lives of Canadians affected by MS. With the determination of a wolf, we will pursue the goal of accelerating life-changing research that can bring us closer to a world free from MS. 


Since staring Alpha Wolf Coffee, we have always had a passion for innovating and improving our products. We believe in "Kaizen" the Japanese word for "continuous improvement". Week by week, month by month, year after year we strive to improve our products quality and most importantly service. 





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